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CWSSP Academic Year Kick-Off

Friday,  September 9, 2022


Virtual event hosted by UCCS with the University of Washington Tacoma

Annual kick-off event to meet new scholars and introduce returning scholars from UCCS and UWT.

The Fall conference offers the opportunity for scholars to engage with one another, meet faculty members, and prepare for the year to come. This is an exciting opportunity for program overview and to articulate the vision for the upcoming year. 


Upcoming Events

Online CWSSP Workshop
August 23, 2024
1 – 6 pm

Scholars Research Interest

  1. Simeon Wuthier - UCCS

    Cryptanalysis and theoretical computer science; Blockchain technology

  2. Luis Landeros - UCCS

    Cyber physical systems; Software Defined Radios (SDR); Vehicular cyber security

  3. Tammy Trinh - UWT

    IoT Tree Power, networking.

  4. Maria Psarakis - UCCS

    Communication and Networks; Voter booth technology

  5. Matt Rieth - UCCS

    Malware Classification

  6. Will VanderFeltz - UWT

    Threats Facing Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure Systems

  7. Ahmad Najee-Ullah - UCCS

    Cyber Physical Systems; Software Defined Radio (SDR); Cybersecurity and Psychology

  8. Steve Howe - UWT

    Blockchain Cybersecurity protection for IoT project

  9. Jeremiah Schaaff - UCCS

    Classified work related to cybersecurity

  10. Ken Lew - UWT

    Blockchain & IoT; Privacy and Policy; Cryptography

Scholars: Maria Psarakis, Matt Rieth, William Vanderfeltz, Tammy Trinh, Steve Howe, Ken Lew, Simeon Wuthier, Luis Landeros, Ahmad Najee-Ullah, Jeremiah Schaaff

Professors: Yan Bai, Sang-Yoon Chang, Pat McGuire, Kay Yoon, Yanyan Zhuang

Presenters:: CWSSP Scholars, Pat McGuire, Kay Yoon

Fall 2020 Kick-Off Orientation presentations  Workshop Orientation

Fall 2020 Agenda