Spring 2020 Conference

Spring 2020 Virtual Conference


On April 3, 2020, the University of Washington Tacoma and UCCS participated in the CWSSP Spring Videoconference. 

We were fortunate to have Gretchen Bliss, the newly appointed UCCS Director of Cybersecurity Programs, provide insight and expertise on national cybersecurity programs. The highlight of the conference were the research updates from each scholar followed by a lively question and answer period. 

Scholar Research Projects

  1. Maria Psarakis

    Communication and Networks on the International Space Station

  2. Andreas Slovacek

    Blockstream Satellite Receiver

  3. Greg Butler

    IoT Pollution Collection Network

  4. Lisa Campbell

    Correlating Network Communication with Power Consumption in IoT Devices

  5. Matt Rieth

    Maleware Classification

  6. Will VanderFeltz

    Threats Facing our Nation's Critical Infrastructure Systems

Conference Attendees

Scholars: Maria Psarakis, Matt Rieth, William Vanderfeltz, Greg Butler, Lisa Campbell, Andreas Slovacek

Professors: Yan Bai, Sang-Yoon Chang, Pat McGuire, Kay Yoon, Yanyan Zhuang, Terry Boult

Featured Presenter: Gretchen Bliss, Cybersecurity Program Director, UCCS Biography

Spring 2020 Agenda